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Autism Source

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Quick Tips for Searching

Many resources can be found in the Autism Source resource database. There are multiple ways to navigate the database. However, for a quicker way to find the information and resources you and your family need, please try some of the suggested ways to search below.

Zip Code: Enter your zip code or one closest to you.


Sort: When skipping the zip code, sort your results. Once you have a list, you click on "city” and it will sort them by city. This is helpful if you’re looking for what is in a specific locale.


Program Name or Keyword: Use the Program Name/Keyword section, this field will pull resources that use the specific keywords in their organization service description. The Program Name, will pull any organization/company with that specific name.

State and Service Type: Select the state only and any relevant service types. For a full description of each service type, click the red box on the search page. Seaching this way will help you find resources listed in the database that provide services statewide, but are not listed by zip code and simply show a list of all the cities they serve in the state.

Have additional questions or trouble searching?

Call The Autism Society: Contact Center at

800-3AUTISM (800-328-8476)

Information and Referral Specialists are available

Monday–Friday 9AM-9PM